Once upon a time in a mujra…

I love listening to stories, especially the ones that aren’t been told by anyone… The ones that are whispered through silence and lived through an everlasting gaze. This is how I recently heard a very nontraditional fairy-tale in a not so romantic place, which made me want to pen it down for those who might want to see this uncanny love through my eyes.


Bilawal, larkay ho ker rotey ho?

Haw haye!” been said to little boys who dare to cry in public. So how dare Bilawal Bhutto cry in public? So what if he was talking about the way he lost his uncle? Who cares if he was recalling how he had to be positive after the very public and ground shaking murder of his mother? His tears make him weak. His sobs make him cowardly.

Soy Colombiana!

Since everyone in Pakistan seems to be in love with the Netflix’s recent show Narcos, I thought this would be the best time to share my personal experience of living in a country that most of my friends only associate with Pablo Escobar.

A Chat with ‘Ahmed – The Terrorist Recruiter’

Since my work contract is coming to an end, I have already started looking for jobs. I recently came across an organisation that trains target-killers, murderers and suicide bombers. Don’t judge me just yet. I have my reasons. One, I am desperate to find a job because I have got debt to pay. Two, me holding…

Paki On The Road

When you are on the road, people want to know where you come from because that makes it easier for them to put you in a certain category. I have been put into so many categories for so long that I have finally decided to form my own categories.

This blog post is for every Pakistani who has traveled abroad or is planning to do so. Out of several different types of people I have met, I found the following seven the most interesting.

For the Critics of Striptease

They say she is vulgar. They say she is distorting Pakistan’s image. They say she should be banned because the content she produces is not ethical. They say she is a bad example for young women. Some of them also say that she will create problems for women who are fighting societal barriers to become…

Don’t just educate your daughters, liberate them!

Her consistent Whatsapp messages about how she is having suicidal thoughts made me feel like banging my head against the wall. She had received quality education and spent a semester abroad. She has all that it takes to be labeled as a modern Pakistani woman with more freedom – but not really. Not after I…